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Hey everyone, it's Karen here. This week we're talking about excuses and I just want to say upfront: WE ALL MAKE EXCUSES. They're a natural part of protecting our ego (and as humans, we all have an ego!) Maybe you use excuses to:

  • Protect yourself from your fears.

  • Avoid stepping outside your comfort zone.

  • Justify not following through on something.

  • Not appear vulnerable to others.

  • Avoid learning more about yourself in a way that might be uncomfortable.

While they are inherently a self-protection mechanism, excuses can do a lot of harm. They can waste precious energy, feed your fears, stop you from learning life lessons, keep you from making tough choices, and disconnect you from your authentic self. All of these things end up creating feelings of shame and anxiety. So what can you do when you catch yourself making excuses? Try thinking about excuses as a signal. Maybe your excuse is signaling that:

  • You are avoiding making a difficult decision.

  • You are not being honest or realistic with yourself.

  • You need to confront a fear that is holding you back.

  • You are not acting in a way that aligns with your values.

Th point is, excuses have something to teach us. By confronting our excuses and pushing back against them, we can actually learn and grow. So try bringing awareness to when you are making excuses. Don’t beat yourself up for making excuses, just start being aware of what triggers you to make them. Then try making a choice - on your terms - instead of making an excuse.


For example, maybe you tell yourself "I don't have time to make a healthy dinner tonight, so I'll just go to the drive-thru for a burger and fries." Lack of time has become an excuse for not cooking and making a not-so-nutrient-dense choice. Maybe you really want a burger and fries. If so, don't use lack of time to cook as the reason to have it. Own the choice to have a burger and fries if that is what you truly want. Or make a choice to order something a little healthier at the drive-thru. Or consider that by the time you go to the drive-thru, you could go home and heat up a can of soup and make a sandwich. You get the point. There are choices that reveal themselves when we recognize and confront our excuses. As you practice this, you will likely feel more empowered and liberated. Isn't that worth a try?