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Hey everyone, it's Karen here. I am gonna have some fun with this post, but there will be a point (I promise!) Many of you may be familiar with the movie "Office Space." And if you are not familiar, stop reading right now and don't come back until you have watched it (just kidding, kinda). The movie is a satiric take on office culture that too many of us can relate to (because in all satire there is some truth!) In one iconic scene, three buddies from the office destroy a printer that is making their office life unbearable (paper jams, error know the drill). Below is a clean version of that scene. 

My mind works in weird ways, but whenever I think about the scale, I think about this scene from Office Space. We'll be talking about making peace with the scale in class this week and I think it has a lot of parallels to how these dudes made their own kind of peace with the office printer! They view the printer as piece of technology that has taken over their lives in the most miserable way. Every time they use that printer, it brings frustration, anger, and a sense of powerlessness. I think many people feel that way when they step on the scale. Now these poor guys didn't have a choice about using the office printer, but we all have a choice about stepping on the scale (expect in some medical situations). If the scale wrecks havoc on your emotional state and does more harm than good, then choose to say no. Don't let the scale have that power over you. And who knows, maybe you'll feel so liberated by ending your relationship with the scale, that you'll take it out back and smash it with a baseball bat ;)